Join us on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Gulf High School for the One Community Now Hunger Walk to help raise funds for Pack A Sack Food 4 Kids. 

38,000 Pasco County students live in homes that struggle to put food on the table.

Many at-risk students won't eat at all between lunch on Friday and breakfast Monday morning. Childhood hunger is a problem that threatens our children and our future. We're in danger of losing an entire generation of leaders, innovators and problem solvers.

51% of children in Pasco County qualify for free or reduced price meals.

But with your support we can make sure every child at-risk has access to food over the weekend. The Hunger Walk is a collaborative effort to promote hunger awareness and to raise funds for hunger relief for children living in Pasco County.

 All proceeds from the walk go toward feeding children through the One Community Now Pack A Sack 4 Kids program to help address chronic hunger among school aged children. You will also enjoy a fun, family festival atmosphere that includes free activities, games, and entertainment. 

Funds raised: $109,930 Goal: $100,000
Pasco Pack-A-Sack Food 4 Kids provides backpacks filled with healthy and nutritious food for children on the weekends and over extended school breaks. For just $5 a week you can provide nutritious, healthy food for a hungry child. Consider making a donation of $200 to feed one child for an entire year. 

 “The Pack A Sack meals are an absolute God send.  Our family is facing tough times, as many in our community are.  The children are excited to receive their sacks on Fridays, and it is a peace of mind thing to know that I can feed my children.  I appreciate the program you have and am grateful to have the help.  Thanks again for the great work of this program.”

"Thank you so much for having Pack A Sacks for the kids. My son gets so excited every Friday when it's time to pick up his sack. It's so nice not to have to worry about food over the weekends."

"Money is hard to come by and the Pack A Sacks help us so much on the weekends when we can't afford extra food. We appreciate Gulfside and Generations Church for providing the extra food for our kids."
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