Angie Turner | Chasco Champs

Our school is a Title One school with 85% of our students getting free/reduced lunch. We have many students that only eat at school and many that squirrel away leftover lunch to take home for dinner or to share with their families.

Pack-a-Sack is a non-profit organization that brings in bagged non-perishables every Friday for some of our neediest children so they have food for themselves for the weekend (bigger bags are packed for extended breaks). Unfortunately, not all of our needy children receive these bags as there are a limited amount available. But the more donations that come in, the more sacks will be packed, the more students will be fed!!

Funds raised: $300 of $300


Thank you donors
Sarah Morgan : $25
Kristi Theurer : $25
Thanks for helping others in our community!
Kate LeBlanc : $75
Gabi Mattison : $100
Thank you!
Leslie Hall : $50
Lisa Bonowicz